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inbredredneck's Journal


My name is Erica Fern. Thats about it. Read the journal if you're curious.
4th district court, activism, activist, adobe, algorithms, amber, analytical chemistry, anatomy & physiology, anything baby blue, artificial organs, asia, astronomy, aztec, bailey and galyen, barcelona, ben sherman, bilingual speakers, bioinstrumentation, biology, biomedical engineering, bone, c++, calculus, catalan, central america, chemistry, chinese, cigarrettes, civil rights, classic rock, cooking, crocheting, dayak, deco, dickies, diy, dna, doc martins, doctors without borders, ebay, emiliano zapata, engineering, entomology, forensic science, frank lloyd wright, fred perry, gadgets, geology, glassblowing, greek, greenpeace, guatamala, handmade purses, handmade stationary, horn, human genome, incas, indonesia, infectious diseases, insomnia, jade, japanese, joan jett, kappa delta chi, kdchi, knitting, kryolan, lampwork beadmaking, languages, lathe, latin, leatherworking, libertarian, linux, machinest, macrophotography, makeup, mayans, medical research, medical science, mensa, metalsmithing, mod targets, molecular biology, molecular engineering, motorola, new wave, nutella, obsidian, organic chemistry, orthopedic biomaterials, palm pilot 72, pancho villa, pathology, paypal, penguins, peru, pharmaceutical drugs, physicians, physics, pickles, piercing, plugs, politics, premed, probation, psychobilly, public health, punk, rage against the machine, robotics, rockabilly, sewing, silk screen, sociology, soupmobile.com, spain, spanish, stanford binet, statistics, stone, tampons, tattoos, theoretical mathematics, tiger army, turkey, turquoise, unix, uta, vietnamese, woodcarving, xington