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Nov. 16th, 2006 | 08:49 am

as of this day until further notice my nephew will be running my business i am currently unable to follow through with duties and am tending to a medical emergency.

please email sales@blacktopinsomniac.com in the meantime.

please be gentle. ive left a lot for him to clean up as far as refunds, shipments, and orders are concerned. he is barely starting mostly out of need for me and as a favor.

i have to give a formal apology for those that have dealt with me this year after my husbands death. it has taken its toll and i am no longer the person i once was. i apologize greatly for some of the half ass service i have given and basically absentminded behavior. hopefully this doesnt affect your patronage in the future but, if it does sorry to see you go.

if you have any questions please email the above.

please try not to inundate him with emails because he's trying to resolve everything for me.

christmas cards are going out next month. if you have a different address than posted in paypal please email it to him.



all emails from blacktop are working and fully functional so if you want to email any of the addresses you can.

Andres, will be responding to any and all emails and whatever he cant answer please be patient for an answer.

he does go to school and work p/t and will be able to respond sporadically throughout the day if not evening only. he has my logins for livejournal and bme so if you are on those two places and want to email from either he can respond.

thank you for your patience.


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